Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Latest Trip

Summer Days

I was up north last week. Trying to save what little business I have and the news was not so hot. But at least one website that went down when the place went out of business got resurrected as the place re-opened as a bistro, the Tavern at Schroon Lake. I spent the night in Schroon, but my fave campsite was taken so I pitched my tent in the skimpy clearing down the road from there. Broke camp just before some torrential downpours drenched the place. Better wet soggy weather than the oven in California with all the redwoods going up in smoke. My brother went out there and they got turned away from Big Sur cause of the fire.
I still care about the 'Daks and my business. I redid the header menus on my sites for a little better look. But the price of gas has cut into what little profit margin I have. As well as hurting my customers. I tried to give away free listing and links to these potential customers, just for stopping by. I put up their listings and links then emailed them, hoping I could get at least a link back to me out of it. But they didn't even bother to answer my email, maybe too much cash to count. It doesn't take much effort to reply to a personal email. So I yanked the links but left the rest of their listings on the page. If someone says he'd give me a link back to my site and doesn't even take the minute to do it, I can't respect him at all. Maybe my sites aren't hot stuff but at least I keep my end of the bargain and answer every customer call or email I get and try to ameliorate it.